Why a Social Club?


The Golfing for Gals Social Club is designed to give every woman an opportunity to experience a great game. It gives everyone an opportunity to explore new avenues and embark on a great adventure.

Most times, people are intimidated to pursue the golf course because they have nobody to go with or simply do not feel comfortable in their surroundings. This is why I believe Golfing for Gals is such a unique and exciting opportunity. Golfing for Gals will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people and build lasting relationships in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

How it Works

There will be three lessons each month. At the end of each month we will be playing nine holes of golf to incorporate what we have learned from week to week


12 Lessons (one hour each)

Five 9-hole events


Cedar Hill Golf Course (Teaching Academy)

When: weekends, weekdays, and evenings

Start Date: first week of May each year

End Date: September

Lesson Length: one hour

Setting: Group (maximum of eight women)

Call to reserve your spot today!

Cost: $365 inclusive of applicable taxes