“Golf Is Like A House; You Must Lay One Brick At A Time Before You Can Put The Roof On.”


A golf lesson is not solely about a student-teacher relationship. To accomplish what one sets out within his or her goals, there must be a strong level of trust. Trust will build the foundation between the student and teacher, which in turn will open up the lines of communication so that the student gets a full one hundred percent out of each lesson.

At the Cedar Hill Golf Academy, I strongly believe that knowledge of the fundamentals of golf is the most important ingredient to becoming a better golfer. Through creative teaching methods I will provide each student with the complete knowledge of the fundamentals and how they relate to each individual's game.

There are some principles and fundamentals that all golfers should adhere to, but the goal is to make the game as basic and simple as possible so that the student has a clear understanding of how the game works. I strongly believe that in order to be successful, we must build on the positives and the strengths that the student possesses. From here, implementing new techniques and core fundamentals becomes a much easier process.

As individuals, we all learn differently. This is what makes us unique in how we play and how we learn the great game of golf. My job is to identify and establish the student's preferred style in order to get the most out of each lesson.

The lessons are tailored to suit the student's needs. The lessons are to help accomplish the goals that have been established in a fun, relaxed, and exciting atmosphere. Always remember that a lesson is not only pure instruction, but an incredible experience at the same time.